Tuesday, 23 September 2008

NDM Vol. 1: Packing the dishwasher mix

A huge, huge thankyou to floatingpoints for the mix. . You'l see its a supreme listen - a definite one for the burners.

need to check the player. Can't stress that enough.

re-uppppp for the sleepers..

Lata mangeshkar & Kishore Kumar - Salam-e-Ishq (EMI)

Dharam Kanta - Yeh Gotey Dar Lahenga (EMI)

Floatingpoints - ashby preview

?-? (CDR) <---if anyone knows i'd be very greatful.....

K15 - Circles of Smoke (CDR)

Edo G - too much to live for instr (Ground Control)

D'Angelo - The Root (Virgin)

Mos Def - Universal Magnetic instr (Rawkus)

Bad FX feat Hey! Zeus - Zippaflow n Zeus (CDR)

Tight Face - That Feeling (CDR)

Hey! Zeus - Agave instru (CDR)

Floatingpoints & fatima - ollld beat

House of Pain - Heart full of Sorrow instr (Tommy Boy)

Braintax, lewis parker, Supa T - Life & breath (Low life)

DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - Drama (gold dust)

Stacy Epps - Addicted (Japanubia)

Flying Lotus - Flattery (Sympathy For The Biters) (planet mu)

Mala - Alicia (white)

Georgia - Brother: The Point (2562 rmx) (ramp)

Floatingpoints - Ligeti Preview

Yaw - Where Would You Be (Brownswood)

Clarke/Boland big band - Sakara (polydor)


aaron jerome said...

nice selection! big up fps.

charles darwin said...

the one you're looking for is a track that was on the first soundbombing album, in case you didn't find out yet...