Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mike Slott Vs. Gaslamp Killer

I only got wind of this kinda late. . so this is more a shout for the listen again rather than catching it live. . 

only listened to Mike's half of this so far. . . so much to take in though. I have no idea how he makes some of those squeaks & bleeps. 

...see the set as a showcase for future releases; 'Gardening EP' on Luckyme, 'Flunky' with Muhsinah on All City aaaaand some flylo remix work coming on the next Ltd. 12 that Warp put out. 

this is kinda fractured as i'm doing the day job at the same time so please bear with it. 

& go hit up Listen Again to experience it yourself. 

time for gaslamp to see if he can move me in the same way. 

Mike Slott @ Myspace

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I'm Amelia - I run tings said...

GLK is crazy live though. Will listen to this in a bit!