Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Apple Juice Kid / Peche Noir

Seems we're in the age of the free beat tape.

Dutch Outfit firstly, by the name of Peche Noir out of my favourite Dutch stable; AppleTree Records. It's a great project, and one I fully, fully, fully endorse. I'm gonna say no more on it, so as not to take away any of the surprise. But if you like what's in the player below - grab the FREE album from their website, here. (Gotta go to the download section. . .)

The Apple Juice Kid is somehow affiliated with Camp Lo. . And despite your first impression that this is potentially something of a disaster project. . He hasn't harmed the legacy of Miles Davis in any way. This completely bangs, and if you don't 'get jazz' yet. . this could be a perfect place to start. Again, check the player. . and if you like it, grab the tape. . from the link somewhere below.

MP3: The Apple Juice Kid - Miles Remixed

Thoughts on these most definitely welcomed. As are your recommendations. .

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