Monday, 12 January 2009


I'm an early riser. but when I wake-up in my current dwelling, it's still too dark not to need a light on. It's not a nice place. And thats without going into the aesthetics of the neighbourhood.

where do I find my comfort?

in my headphones.

and since it's exam time, I've had to ban all music with vocals.

So it was kinda perfect when Nalden slung over Slumgullion's 'Disko' early this morning.

Slumgullion = Dok + SirOj + Kid Nap.

And it's too good to give away for free really.

Thankyou to all involved.

MP3: Slumgullion - Disko (8 TRACK-ERR)

- -

also been killing Ras G's Ghetto Sci Fi recently. Lets hope the revision goes in and I don't just come away with a complete knowledge of that albums breaks.

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