Wednesday, 28 January 2009

March Of The Zapotec / Realpeople Holland

Released under Pompeii records, this new double ep March Of the Zapotec / Realpeople Holland solidifies 22 year old Zach Condon's reputation as one of the most talented songwriters of this decade. Influenced by a love of Balkan Folk music and trips abroad where he "found a band of kids who'd walk around with thrift-store instruments. They weren't Gypsies- they were just so in love with that music".

Beirut's debut Lp Gulag Orkestar created a mixture of weathered imagery and Eastern European sounds that brought a freshness greatly needed in the 'Indie' scene. This third effort possibly draws more influences from Eastern Europe than The Flying Club Cup Beirut's second Lp did. It takes you on a journey out of your seat and into a place you read about or saw in a Emir Kustarica movie.

March Of the Zapotec / Realpeople Holland is out 16/2/09

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