Thursday, 1 January 2009

winter warmers

Tettory Bad feat Fatima - Unite 1 (Sonar Kollectiv / Jazzy Sport)

Strike First - Hudson Mohawke Remix (Circulations)
Stenchman - Pull The Trigger
Stacey Epps - Cosmic Dust
Druids Of Stonehenge - Six Feet Down
Marvin Gaye - The Real Thing - Rapson Reedit - (Rapson)
Harmonic 313 - Arc Of Light - (Warp)
Natural Self - In The Morning - Paul White Remix (Truthoughts)
Replife feat Kissey Asplund - Put It Down - Domu Remix (Futuristica)
Sun Ra - Languidity - Floating Points Remix
Mr Beatnick & Hey Zeus - Never The Ends
Jungle Drums feat Ahu - Walk - Mr Beatnick Remix (We Aint Music)
Fulgeance - Chico - Dorian Concept Remix
2Tall feat Kashere - The Most High
chas Jankel - To Woo Lady Kong - (Tirk)
Right Direction - Midnite Rhythm - Simbad 12" remix
Kinny Feat Nostalgia 77 - Desire - (Truthoughts)
Daisuke Tanabe - Coil

- - - - - -

Thankyou to Mr. Beatnick for permitting the posting of the above.

It's everything I want right now. and even stuff I didn't know I wanted. Perfect CDR material for the winter months.

To obtain..

1. Give email address to register @ Deep Frequency.
2. Log in.
3. Beatnick Archive
4. Episode 6


Thankyou to James for the photography - should have waited to get something hi-res off of his highness, instead i took stuff from his facebook. yes. . .
Will introduce you to him at a later date.


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