Wednesday, 31 December 2008

So Especial


Compiled by Kyoto Jazz Massive for Especial Records to mark their 10th anniversary.

I'm gonna throw out a 'wild' prediction on this; It will still be in my virtual cd changer come Spring.

One thing I'm not gonna try and predict however is the japan import price that juno's new erratic-dynamic pricing system slaps on this.

Ft. Jose Carretas, Aaron Jerome, Bakura, Shuya Okino. . And plenty of Domu.

I'l start properly singing and dancing about/with this when it flops through the letterbox.

HappyNew Year and a big thankyou to alll the readers/artists/selectors/like&non-like minded people who I've crossed paths with in '08. Whole lot more to come from here. . so sit tight.


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