Friday, 24 July 2009

Bravery E.P.

'Going to attempt to fool people with yet another bedroom listening IDM album disguised as a UKG album!!!'

I ripped that from his tweetfeed. How 2009.

But the end result is the same . FaltyDL will be dropping an 8 track EP/Album on Planet Mu come October.

And being on Planet Mu, efficient as they are, the artwork and soundclips are already up on their website. Now when was the last time a label, artists www. was actually useful.

I'm most likely going to sing about this some more when the promo comes through. . . but from the samples. . the bits and pieces of unreleased I've heard about. . and the frequency of releases. . i think it's clear he's one of the most creative and prolific electronic producers around at the moment.