Monday, 27 July 2009


((as I should have mentioned)) here - the klipm0de 09 takeover is going to feature a series of podcasts lovingly put together by the members of the klique.

first up, and already available for consumption is mndsgn's. . .(cop it, and all future episodes, here...)

I had a listen both ways on the commute today.

And. it. bangs.

It's fun. And again it's unique. This isn't just a guy with a few dusty jazz records and some self taught sampling. Not that theres anything wrong with that. . but mnd & these guys are building a sound that's totally their own.

Let mndsgn introduce you. And if you like it then don't, don't forget his debut lights&tunnels

LISTEN (top left)


dexter wansel - theme from the planets
elan - ax anyone
muhsinah - more (prod. slimkat78)
knxwledge - limade
teebs - bern rhythm
mndsgn - airways
jay dee - in tha spot
devonwho - caramelo
flylo - camel
smoke city - giulietta
smoke city - flying away
flyamsam - punch clock
afta 1 - la samba
kenlo craqnuques - bleu
elaquent - pixelated mess
mndsgn - say it aint
tokimonsta - moon bloom
vlooper - mercure
youngcee - bump bump
exile - so we can move
jay dee - rico suave bossa nova
quarteto em cy - tudo que voce podia ser
suzi analogue - forkrevisit
hi res - savepoint
sa ra - souls brother
mndsgn - you who

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