Tuesday, 11 August 2009


growth of a sound.

16 tracks from senior of the Klipm0de family - devonwho.

I've had a listen to a few tracks I've been exposed to - and it's fire. But a more refined sense of fun and colour than was inherent in his previous tapes. hahaha - maturity?

I hope these guys never grow up.

well worth the $10 / £6.073 you need to part with. On bandcamp. Or if physical is your thing, you need to hit the homepage - klipmo.de and hunt the paypal link.

(as I've recently mentioned..) so happy these guys have got some things sorted (a strategy, a website. . a klique ) far too talented to sit in obscurity.

live your dreams

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Bombtune said...

Thanks, just bought a track.