Monday, 9 November 2009

No Robin. . . not like that. .

Rihanna on Robin Thickes lap by the looks of things.

for lack of a decent press shot.

you may have been exposed to a new Robin Thicke track - Meiple (with the e acute) , featuring jigga.

of course, the collaboration had me interested - I even wanted some context about the title,

but on listening I was nothing short of appalled.  considering some of the things we know robin can do with his voice, this is just not a credible end product. I'm sorry.

And jay, next time you should probably consider leaving this slot to gucci or another garbler.

horror show over -  I had to go straight back to some of his previous tracks to ensure my respect for him remained intact.

It does. I sure hope the album is more like this than like that.

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