Sunday, 6 December 2009

Long Live The Plan EP

Illumsphere's 2nd release should be out and physical by the end of the calendar year.

I didn't feel the first release particularly, but at the time I was looking for more in all the beats I heard. Need for evolution & all that music 'which box does this fit in' pessimism. 

But here I get the progression I craved. New influences have been brought forward to work with the older sounds, and the result is a hybrid that few are similar to. Beautiful artwork & a samiyam remix to top the package off.


The record flirts with a brand of dubstep similar to that of 2562/martyns so it wasn't really a surprise to me that there's a forthcoming illumsphere remix of martyns 'brilliant orange' - a snippet of which can be heard here.


Forward music which is worthy of  further investigation at the minimum.

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